About us

Welcome to CF Property Services, a company with a shared passion of the building trade and looking after our environment.
We promote greener ethics within general building and are improving the basic methods that are used in property maintenance on a day to day basis.

We believe that more eco-friendly and greener methods can be used in cleaning, painting & decorating, garden maintenance, building and general property maintenance. With hard work and dedication we are building a business that will strive to be; honest, competitive, inspire, educate and bring about positive changes to an industry that could be doing so much more to harmonise with our environment.

So what makes us green?

We strive to be as Eco-friendly as possible on a day to day basis. Some of our methods include;

  • Greener methods and Eco-friendly products for cleaning
  • Minimizing cement work and promoting lime
  • Offering Eco-friendly painting services
  • Minimizing and organizing waste and recyclable materials
  • Using reclaimed building materials when available
  • Giving away other unused reclaimed building materials
  • Promoting Eco-friendly building products to our customers

So if we sound like a business you would like to see progress and grow for the benefit of our environment, feel free to give us a call or send us an email today.

You can support us and help us gain more satisfied customers, pass our message on, give us a go or recommend us to a friend. We are passionate about our work and believe that our dedication to being cleaner, greener and tidier shows that we really are the best service.